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Installation guidelines:

Install on your own risk! I'm not responsible for any errors or data loss!

  1. Requires Twenty Fourteen Theme installed on WordPress
  2. Download XaFr Theme archiv
  3. Unzip downloaded file
  4. Copy unzipped folder to /wp-content/themes on your webspace with a ftp-programm like FileZilla
  5. WordPress Backend at Appearance -> Themes -> aktivate XaFr White
  6. At Appearance -> Menus change the name of the menu to menue_xafr and choose it as primary menu and save


Please watch out for new theme updates here: Theme Changelog


Post-images are displayed in 798×250 pixel.


At Appearance -> Widgets you can add XaFr Search Widget and XaFr Share Widget to the sidebar.
XaFr Search Widget adds a DuckDuckGo site-search to the sidebar and works with no need of Javascript.

XaFr Share Widget adds share-buttons for Facebook, Google+ und Twitter to the sidebar, which do not send any data to the social networks until they get clicked. They always link to the page they were clicked on. The button-images are hosted on your own Webspace.


The featured-box looks best with 3 posts. If a post should be displayed there, you have to add the tag “featured” (without quotation marks).

Code with numbered lines

HTML Code:
  <pre class="sourcecode">
<code title="01">Text line 1</code>
<code title="02">  Text line 2</code>

Links or text in the footer

To add extra text or links to the footer you have to edit the file footer.php in the XaFr White folder.
Right in front of
</div><!-- .site-info -->
you can add your content.