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XaFr White is a free Child Theme for the Twenty Fourteen Theme of WordPress. It aims to be simple, fast and safe. Furthermore there should be no connections to "data kraken" like Google by default and it works with no JavaScript enabled.

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Changes and features:

  • Brighter and friendlier colors
  • Left sidebar deleted and with of articles increased
  • Site content centered
  • Primary menue on the left side and search-box deleted (only works with JavaScript)
  • “Featured-box” adapted to look best with 3 articles
  • Size of post-images changed
  • Post-header and post-image centered
  • Metadescription and tags hidden on frontpage and visible at the end of posts-sites
  • Next/Previous post centered at the end of the screen
  • Space saving comments
  • Right sidebar more minimalistic
  • “Prettier” quotes and code
  • No login-erros are displayed: Attackers don't get informed if the username would be right
  • WordPress-version hidden (unfortunately /wp-admin/js/common.js reveals it)
  • Bots get a 403 error after a false login
  • CSS compressed
Page Speed 97 XaFr

(PageSpeed according to pingdom.com)

  • Sidebar is displayed after content and menu is hidden with a button while visiting the site with a mobile device
  • Font “Open Sans” self-hostet and Google-hosted font "Lato" removed
  • No Google Fonts are loaded in the backend (when you are logged in)
  • No cookies are stored on the computer after commiting a comment
  • No IPs are logged for comments
  • XaFr Search Widget adds a DuckDuckGo site-search. Works with JavaScript disabled too.
  • XaFr Share Widget adds share-buttons, which do not send any data to the social networks until they get clicked.

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