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What is XaFr?


In order to benefit from security-updates from the standard WordPress Themes I have chosen Twenty Twelve and Twenty Fourteen Themes as a "foundation" for these Child Themes.
These got adjusted and extended to fit my needs. During this Process not merely appearance was important, but rather the privacy of the users.

White is based on Twenty Fourteen and
Grey + JustText are based on Twenty Twelve.

  • Suggestions for improvements?
  • Tips?
  • Design-erros or bugs in general?
  • Questions?
Simply send an email to the mailadress given in the imprint, please!


Why did I initiate these Child Themes...

Almost every existing Theme includes fonts from Google and requires JavaScript in order to function properly. Furthermore most "Share-Buttons" send data to social networks without even clicking onto them, only because you visit a site which uses them.

To avoid this and nonetheless get security-updates, I created Child Themes based on Twenty Twelve and Twenty Fourteen.

These Child Themes use "Open-Sans"-font which is self-hosted and their "Share-Buttons" only send data to social networks if they are clicked on.